Making our mark in any medium... the official student news of Normal Community High School


Making our mark in any medium... the official student news of Normal Community High School


Making our mark in any medium... the official student news of Normal Community High School


Bachelor(ette) Kissing Policy


The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are both those types of reality show that keep going regardless of poor reviews and ratings. They never surprise us; we already know how it works. One guy or girl has a choice to pick from 25 to 30 men or women. The contestant then spends time with each and every one of them and takes them on extravagant dates to popular destinations around the globe. On the finale the contestant (Bachelor[ette]) have to propose or be proposed to by one person after the eliminations of the rest of the runner-ups.

All of this seems to be in vain, due to the fact that you have to ask the questions, “do these people really love each other or is it just good old fashion entertainment? Wouldn’t it be easier for the chosen or losing Bachelor or Bachelorette to find someone without 50 million people watching him or her court on television?”

People could rant all day about how some recent reality shows are stupid, but nothing will change if we keep supporting the show by watching it.

The main point that sparks this article is a mild media frenzy concerning an Iraqi contestant named Salma Alameri. She is a 29-year old real estate developer from San Diego, CA who objected to kissing Sean Lowe (the current Bachelor) until the end of the show out of respect to her Muslim culture and traditional mother.

So why is this such a big deal? When you think about it, it isn’t. The only reason it is a problem is because the show has a history of the Bachelor or Bachelorette kissing all 25 to 30 contestants. Why would Alameri, knowing her beliefs, go on a show like this knowing that one mistake shown across the states could ruin your relationship?

In my opinion, kissing is only one way of showing affection to a person, but true love comes from inside and then projected outwardly, making it special. The Bachelor(ette) isn’t romantic, but give the illusion of romance, but, then again, it is just simply entertainment.

About the Contributor
Amir Muhammad, Feature Editor

Amir Muhammad is a senior at Normal Community High School.  He has been apart of the Inkspot for three years, and  has enjoyed every minute of it.Last year he worked for the Features Desk which covers entertainment and art at Normal Community High School  and abroad. He also a member of Film Club.

Things I Like 

I enjoys writing screenplays and mini stories for a future film or when I'm bored and write in journal when he has free time.I also enjoy The Elder Scroll games. Finally I love Oreos and vanilla ice cream.

Hidden Talents

I can play piano, guitar, and violin all by ear. I started when I was about ten. I can play almost anything with a little practice. Just recently I have almost mastered the score to Hans Zimmer's Man of Steel entitled "Arcade"

All time dream

My all time dream is to become a famous Filmmaker, preferably within the next five years. With that I want to establish my own film studio in the future. Also if the characters and worlds in my films are popular among audiences, then I will create a Theme park.