Warm Bodies: heats up the box office

After the constant drama and lust between Bella and Edward in the Twilight movies, we are all ready for something new in the supernatural romantic genre. So what could take it to the next step after vampires and werewolves? Zombie romance. That’s right, a movie where a zombie falls in love with a human.

The latest romance to hit theaters is called Warm Bodies, although it isn’t as suggestive as its title.  It premiered on February 1st in the U.S. and won the weekend box office, raking in a total of $19.5 million.

The plot involves “R”(Nicholas Hoult), a lonely zombie that lives in airport ridden with the walking dead. He and his fellow zombies roam the halls of the airport, occasionally heading to the city to get a bite to eat.  On one such venture, opportunity strikes when he and his pack happen upon a group of teenagers out looking for medicine in the city. That’s where he discovers Julie Grigio (Teresa Palmer), a rebellious teen whose father happens to be the general of the survivors of the plague in the city. He takes her back to his home and quickly falls in love with her. They soon find themselves fighting the dead, as well as the living, to be together.

This movie includes action, romance, a sprinkle of comedy, and even some horror aspects that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. So don’t be a brainless Twilight zombie, have some class and venture on in to see Warm Bodies.