Hollywood Studios vs Independent Studios

With the announcement of an Angry Birds animated movie adaption by Illumination films (studio behind Despicable Me), the question stands if Hollywood will ever make original stories that are enjoyable to watch and not base them off trends.

With the advancement of new innovations in technology, the ways we can communicate, are feelings, ideas and expressions are faster and simpler than in the past. For years, many people aspired to be  actors, directors in music or film, or a singers – and would do anything to become famous, because Hollywood was was the only avenue at the time for people to rise to fame. The big city of lights and glitter had quality stories that everyone would enjoy, minimal swearing or none, no obscene love sequences, and no excessive violence and it was usually clean and simple.

Nowadays, Hollywood has done the exact opposite of the past, and even worse tends to please the audiences desires, obsessions and small Internet sensations that mind you, never grow and create new material.

Arts and cultures play a major role in any society. Art can shape the ideas of how people think of life and the world around them. Since people can’t always discover this information themselves, they depend on the media to do it for them.

However, this is drastically changing with YouTube and other social networks Hollywood’s major issue is the fact that it has become more business minded and less about the passion for telling a story with interesting and different artistic visuals. The indie market has been successful with this method, by using limited budget and resources this allows them to be creative with what they have, sometimes resulting in looking good, mediocre or just bad.

The majority of independent films are generally very interesting story-wise, creative and original, meaning not based off of a novel, outdated television series, or remake of a bad or B grade film of the eighties; if nothing more they’re the inspiration for the original concept.  Either way, both independent and Hollywood based studios can suffer harsh critiques by movie critics, Internet bloggers, and the viewing audience (YouTube comments can be brutal).  Most Indie films can be found on YouTube and other video sharing sites. This provides small budget filmmakers an easy venue for sharing their projects. People want a film with a good story with impressive visuals; directors can often become unbalanced with this concept.

We need more Tyler Perry’s, Rich Moore’s, and Peter Ramsey’s that help influence people in a positive way.