Jack Reacher

If you are interested in action-packed movies, I suggest you go see the movie Jack Reacher.  The film is based on Lee Child’s books, which include the character Jack Reacher.

The main character in the movie, Reacher (Tom Cruise), is a former U.S. Army military police major.  He has been impossible to find for the past couple of years, but soon makes himself known after a man, Barr, is framed of murdering five “innocent” people with a sniper rifle.  He comes to “bury” Barr when he hears on the news that he murdered five innocent civilians.  Barr was supposed to be on death row, and his attorney was trying to keep him off of it.  Reacher thinks Barr deserved to die, so he starts working with Barr’s attorney to convince her that he does not deserve to live.  While more deeply investigating the murder, Reacher begins to realize that Barr was framed.  Now his goal is to find out who is working on the case that is a part of the murders and to connect the dots to figure out why they were killed.

The film is an easy-to-follow action film compared to some other films that are mildly confusing.  It has a very straightforward plot and adds a good twist to a murder investigation.  Rather than being a boring murder mystery, this action-based movie adds more suspense to the film.  Another thing I enjoyed about the film was that it does not seem unrealistic.  It relates more to real life because a tragedy such as a sniper shooting can actually happen any day, rather than a movie such as Batman or Spiderman.  Although both are good movies, neither is realistic in any sense.

Tom Cruise was perfect for the part of Jack Reacher.  He played the part extremely well, in my opinion.