The Dinky Camera

The Dinky Camera

 This “Lytro Light Field” camera is a new revolutionary way of capturing an image so you are able to focus and re-focus the image after you’ve taken it. Because of this, there is no shutter delay, which means the second you press the shutter button you immediately capture the image.

The exciting new camera is totally different than any other camera. Instead of capturing pictures like a normal camera, it captures the information about the traveling light. It then takes the information and it shows you options of what the picture could look like. It gives the user the opportunity to choose the focal point of the picture so that there could be a series of different pictures with different focal points.

It works by using different light-detecting sensors that establish where the light comes from based on the different angles that the light approached the image. Then it uses that information to calculate what the picture would look like with many different focal points.

The camera brings a sense of ease to photography. With the instant shutter button it allows the user to point and shoot and worry about the focus later. However, conventional photography skills such as shutter speed and blur are still needed to operate this camera.

Of course when a product is this original and has such a convenient size, the cost is sure to be high. It is conveniently located at our local Wal-Mart, Target, Meijer, and Best Buy, and it ranges in price from 400 dollars, to around 800 dollars.

This pricey new camera would make a great gift for someone interested in new and exciting concepts of photography.