Start your mornings fresh at Bevande Coffee


Photo courtesy of Natalie Trumbull

As the school year continues, and is only half way over, students seem to be more tired than ever.  As with many teenagers these days, coffee is starting to become a part of their early morning routine.  Starbucks, McDonald’s, and various other places that offer coffee may be visited to gain your caffeine kick for the day.  You regularly venture to Starbucks every morning and order the “usual”, but instead, visit Bevande to start off with something new this year.

Unlike McDonald’s and Starbucks, Bevande is a locally owned coffee shop, and specializes in the coffee custom.  Espresso, lattes, and mochas are only some of the coffee options at the business.  Not only does the coffee shop offer countless options of coffee, but also tea, chai, smoothies, and various snacks which include muffins and ice cream. Bevande also offers exciting new specials every month, which include the New Years Resolution (containing sugar free flavors),and the Blizzard Mocha for the month of January 2013.

Bevande is located in two spots in town; a drive-through location is off of Towanda Avenue in Bloomington, and the walk in location resides just inside of the OSF doors on Fort Jesse.  Not only do both Bevande locations offer several of the same drinks, but the OSF location also offers various food items.  Soups of the day, and a menu of many sandwiches are available.  There are also two Bevande locations in Champaign – one on South Mathews Avenue and the other on North Goodwin Avenue.

When employee of Bevande Coffee, Caroline Trumbull, was asked what Bevande’s biggest values are, she immediately stated that having great customer service is just as important as great coffee.  Not only does Bevande have a wide variety of items on the menu, but also is extremely proud of its excellent customer service. The business will not leave a customer unsatisfied.

“All of the coffee is not premade, except the granitas.” Trumbull shared.  That is what makes the coffee so fresh.  Although the granitas are premade, they are very popular at Bevande.  Caroline recommends the mochas, granitas, and blasts, which contain vanilla ice cream and espresso.  Come try something new, and make your way to Bevande!