CBS’s created a new television show called Elementary. It was piloted on the 27th of September and is an ongoing series.  It aires every Thursday night at 9 PM. In it, Sherlock Holmes and Watson come alive again, but this time in modern day New York.

Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) is cast as an addict having fled from a London drug rehab, and Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) who is now casted as a woman that works as his sober companion.

With the help Captain Gregson (Adian Quinn), who is their police confident the two solve cases for the NYPD.

Miller plays a believable Holmes with just the right balance between madness and genius.  Lui as a female Watson brings an exciting twist to the normal Sherlock Holmes plots, and she makes it work.

Miller and Liu show incredible on screen chemistry and the gripping mystery in every episode keeps viewers guessing till the very end.

Lucy Lui has been in a few famous movies one of them being Charlie’s Angels where she co-started with Carmen Diaz and Drew Barrymoore. Another movie she’s been in Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Plus she is the voice of Silvermist in all the Tinker Bell movies as well.

Jonny Lee Miller is from Great Britain but has also been in a few well-known American movies.  He was in Dracula 2000 where he starred with Gerard Butler and Christopher Plummer.  He also starred in The Escapist with Andy Serkis and Jodhi May.

On Metacritic, Elementary got 73 out of 100 in ratings, which are generally favorable reviews based on 29 Critics.

Overall, CBS’s new show Elementary has done a good job bringing a fresh take on the famous Holmes and Watson, and it’s definitely a show to see.