Gizmon Clip-on Lenses for iOS Camera


Though the iPhone cameras have proven to work beyond expectation, the company Gizmon has created a clip on lens for the iOS phones. Gizmon’s version of the clip on lens is much better than all of the previous attempts at making a improved camera.

There has been the SLR lens attachment, and the polarized lenses cases, and of course the case with the huge bulky dial that is in no way a worthy comparison to Gizmon’s new clip on creation. Gizmon’s managed to make this lens noticeably smaller and incredibly simpler. The convenient attachment is a perfect fit to all iPhone cameras.

It not only has a fish eye lens capability, but it also has a 3 image mirror filter and a circular polarized camera. The other amazing quality of the camera, is that is very easy to slip on and off the iPhone. These attachments can also be used on the iPad, and they add creativity to all of your photos. When you require a lens for the photo you wish to take, the lens just screws onto the clip which then holds it in place on your iPhone.

These are currently selling for around thirty-five dollars, and they can be found almost any technology store, including Best Buy and all Apple stores.