Dance Moms is back

After the long wait since the season finale on September 5th, 2012, Dance Moms will finally be back on January 1st.  If you have not watched the show before, it is really easy to become addicted to.  Dance Moms is about Abbey Lee Miller’s competitive dance team which consists of girls aged six to fourteen.

Dance Moms also focuses on the moms a lot; they are seen as “crazy” and even mean.  They are obsessed with their daughter’s dance careers, and the dance studio is their entire life.  The moms spend mostly all of their time at the studio.  Also, they typically do not have time for any friends other than the other dance moms, so they are forced to get along, even though in the long run they are all friends.  They tend to fight all the time.  There is never an episode without the drama of the moms screaming at each other, or even at Abbey, the owner of the studio.

There are seven girls who dance for the Abbey Lee Dance Company; their names are Chloe (11), Brooke (14), Paige (11), Maddie (10), Mackenzie (8), Kendall(10), and Nia (11).  Brooke and Paige are sisters and Maddie and Mackenzie are sisters. The mom’s names are Jill, Holly, Christi, Melissa, and Kelly.  Jill is Kendall’s mom, Holly is Nia’s mom, Christi is Chloe’s mom, Melissa is Maddie and Mackenzie’s mom, and Kelly is Paige and Brooke’s mom.

Kelly causes the most drama; she is the mom that is most known for storming out.  Her and Abbey have history together because she grew up with Abbey and danced in Abbey’s mother’s studio.  Melissa is known for lying to her friends and keeping secrets from everyone.  Holly is very well educated and is a principal at a school.  Christi is the mean mom, she does not hold anything back.  Last but not least, Jill is the one that is obsessed with her daughter being on the Abbey Lee competitive team because she had left and was trying to bring her daughter back.

ance Moms is on Tuesdays from 8 o’clock to 9 o’clock on Lifetime.  It is very interesting and the dancing of such young children is amazing.