Wii U irrelevancy


 The announcement of the Wii U did not excite me at all, nor did it effect my thoughts of what I am missing out on. Unfortunately, the sequel to one of my favorite games (Bayonetta) is being released for ONLY the Wii U.

Why? Apparently the game company did not have enough finances to produce the sequel by itself, resulting in the company striking a deal with Nintendo to help make and finance their game. While this indeed made me frustrated and puzzled, it made me fully think of why in the world Nintendo thinks the Wii U is a revolutionary idea.

Lets start with the name: Wii U, it’s a Wii, slightly smaller in size, and is compatible with the Wii Nunchuck and Wii mote; however it comes with its on controller and Gamepad,

Photo courtesy of Just Dance 4

 the gamepad is built with a touch screen and the regular console controls, that seem too far to move. This whole idea is that you use your  with the Nintendo DS as a controller.

If Nintendo was smart they would create an attachment that allow  regular Wii and the DS to sync. I don’t mean to bash Nintendo; they do create some interesting technology and games; however there is a difference between creating a new idea and just making something just to make a profit.

Among it’s weirdness, it has potential, being that it is the first HD console for Nintendo as well as providing games for Hardcore gamers, such as Mass Effect, Batman: Arkyem Asylum, and Assassins Creed. The graphic match the Xbox and PS3; however,

courtesy of Forbes.com

creates more dark contrast and some glossier reflections, and textures. The only thing that I feel is wrong the Wii U, is the gamepad, it being to large and uses a pointless touch screen.

If Nintendo wanted to created another console, they could have at least made something like a Nintendo Orb, that could support communication with the DS and Wii and involved motion detection software like the Xbox Kinect, only with more accuracy. Now that’s what I would buy that this winter!