Tips to stay sane during finals

It’s here: Finals! Here are just a few quick tips to make these last few weeks of school the most wonderful time of the year versus the most stressful time of the year.

  1. Study with SHORT breaks – YouTube Breaks are the best way to let your mind rest a little before you start tackling another subject. Try looking up short, funny videos to cheer you up and make you chuckle! “Try Not To Laugh (Fun Challenge)” is a great video that is sure to make you laugh so you will be more enthusiastic to continue your studying!
  2. Snacking while studying is proven to be a good way to increase your concentration –  Here we go chocolate lovers; chocolate is proven to be a good study snack because it produces endorphins to help you concentrate and be happy while you’re doing it. Other good study snacks are fruits and various different kinds of nuts. Hot or iced tea can also help you concentrate and calm you down after a stressful night of studying
  3. Study with friends that can help you out – You’re not in this alone so grab friends, study foods, and get going!
  4. Prioritize your finals – Pay attention to what finals are going to be easy as pie (hmm, wonder if that’s a good study snack) or hard. Then you can prioritize which ones to study for or which ones to study less for.
  5. Pay attention to your reviews – You have to be at school might as well make the best of it, right? If you pay attention in class you’ll be able to spend less time outside of class studying and have more time to relax before the tests.
  6. Do the best you can –You’re not a super hero so don’t expect the impossible from yourself. If you have studied as much as you can and prepared, you should do great! So, don’t stress while you wait for your teachers to pass out the test. Just take a deep breath and do what you came to do.
  7. Get a good night’s rest – You have heard it a million times but you have to admit it works, the night before the big test try to sleep for at least 8 hours! It helps your body recover and makes your mind more attentive. (Who would refuse sleep anyway?)

After the finals, YOU ARE FREE! Run out of your classroom tossing up your papers with joy and enjoy your holiday break!