Girl’s guide to winter trends


The colored scarf adds a nice hint of color to the neutral colored sweater.

Now that it’s winter, it’s time to start changing out our clothes.  From summer or fall fashion to winter, a girl’s wardrobe should not include extremely bright clothing such as neon colors.  For winter, clothing should be more neutral colors such as tans, creams, browns, greens, black, and grey and darker reds.  As long as the color isn’t extremely bright and out of season, it is probably okay to wear.

The key to pulling off neutral colors is to accessorize with colors to give the outfit a pop.  For example, when wearing a cream sweater, make it more interesting by adding a colored scarf or bag.  You could even add a hair accessory or paint your nails a bright color to help add color to an outfit.  Colored jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces, would help as well.  This draws the attention away from being too plain and simple, which helps adds excitement to your outfit.

Chesnut Uggs match almost anything!

Another thing that you can’t go wrong with for the winter season is Uggs or Riding Boots.  Both are timeless and will not go out of style any time soon.  Although they are a little pricey, both will last a long time and it will be worth your money in the long run.  Unless you really try to destroy them, they don’t wear and tear too easily.  It is a good idea to have a brown pair of riding boots and black Uggs, or vice-versa.  I would say if you wanted black riding boots to get the chestnut colored Uggs.

Winter is a fun season to dress for as long as you know how to do it correctly.  If you dress properly for the season, you’ll look great and feel good as well.