The Guild Web Series Review


Photo courtesy of Geek and Sundry

While I never bothered, or had any interest in watching web series’, until the winter break of my freshman year, while I was surfing Zune on Xbox marketplace. I came across The Guild, a comedic web series following a group of Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (basically being a game where you can create your own destiny and do want you want with friends) gamers who try to relate to each other in the real world instead of the gaming world.

The main protagonist Codex (Felicia Day) and her other guilds mates, who usually go by their usernames, Vork (Jeff Lewis), who is their guild’s leader and who’s entire life is dedicated to the game and his title; Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh), who is overly obsessed with Codex. Clara (Robin Thorsten), who somewhat of a ditz, and fails to take care of her family because of her gaming addiction; Bladezz (Vincent Caso), who is a teenager and is always plotting schemes to become famous and get money. Tinkerbella (Amy Okuda), who’s past and real name is unknown, and she is portrayed sort of self-centered jerk.

In the series, the characters have to go through the pressures of dealing with an overly attached mother, an evil posy of online gamers, Comic Con, and other conflicts. The very successful web series is now running in its sixth season, and so far the main character has gotten her dream job of working for the game company that produces the game her and her friends play so dearly. However her dream job becomes a nightmare when she finds that the employees are just as insane as her friends. While most gamers can relate to some of the terms and references in the show, the show has a very interesting storyline that can be confusing and surprising but relatable in some way.

You can watch Season 1-current Season 6 on YouTube, Netflix, MSN video, Xbox Live Marketplace, iTunes and Zune Marketplace for free.