Furry friends await holiday greetings


Photo courtesy of Natalie Trumbull.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about giving.  As we all know, gifts are usually given to family members or friends during this festive time.  Although it is typical to get physical objects as presents, there are many other options. Family generosity is definitely a huge part of celebrating, but people are not the only ones who are capable of giving and receiving physical – and not material – gifts.

The Human Society of Central Illinois is a place where you can do just that – give and receive.  Dogs, cats, and many small animals live here at 423 Kays Drive in Normal.  With so many lives to care for at the clinic, help is always welcome and appreciated.  As you welcome the charitable spirit this holiday season, consider becoming part of the Human Society family.

There are many opportunities to become eligible to volunteer to care for the animals.  A calendar of class schedules lists many different dates of instruction and can be found on www.hscipets.org, along with any other information that you might need.  The class is only two hours long, and anyone can sign up to learn about caring for the animals.

After you are qualified to volunteer, there are many jobs that you can take part in.  They may seem like everyday jobs that you already do at your own home, but you have to keep in mind that every little task adds up. Washing dishes, doing laundry, walking dogs and cleaning litter boxes are all on the list of things needed to be done.  Not only can you provide the animals with the assistance that they need, but also the love crave.

The most important job to fulfill at the Human Society is to provide the animals with comfort.  As some of them have been previously mistreated, it is necessary that all animals receive positive attention.  The animals leave volunteers with a good feeling in return.  Knowing that you are helping them out is very rewarding and will leave you with a sense of usefulness more than ever this holiday season.