Upcoming Trend: Caviar Nail Polish

The world of cosmetics is constantly changing, which makes it difficult to keep up with the fluctuating trends. Fortunately, I found one trend that is sure to stick around for a while. The nail polish, Caviar by Ciaté, has become an over night sensation. People are discovering this unique brand and it will soon be very hard to come by. There has never been a nail polish like it, with its varying colors, and beaded texture, Caviar is certainly a one of a kind.

Although this nail polish is cute, rare, and different there are a few down sides to buying it. Unfortunately the local Von Maur priced Caviar to be around twenty-five dollars for the purchase of a kit. Although this kit also comes with one solid color and the caviar beaded nail polish, it is still rather pricey.

Along with being expensive, Caviar also fails to last for long periods of time. One of the consultants at Von Maur recommended only putting it on the ring finger, because that is the finger that is least used, and this nail polish is easily chipped. However, despite these minor flaws, Caviar is an exceptional nail polish that would make an incredible Christmas present for any young trendy teenage girl.