GOLF le FLEUR* collaboration expresses outward individuality

Jan 12, 2021

Before the pandemic, fashion was an expression of outward individuality, highlighting different aspects of their personalities.
Before we locked down, when we still had a reason to put on shoes and leave the house, fashion provided an outlet for our different personas. Each day, we could channel our feelings and reinvent our image if we wanted.
But as the circumstances of the world weigh heavy on everyone’s minds, many are facing not only literal but creative confinement. And self-expression and one’s sense of style might start to seem a little pointless.
Musician and designer Tyler, the Creator’s collaboration with the popular shoe brand Converse serves as a reminder of the power of self-expression. The GOLF le FLEUR* line allows fashion fanatics to do what both the brand and artist have always done best – reinvent despite the circumstances.
While the musician has mastered the art of creating and shifting personas throughout his career, most notably with his latest Grammy-winning studio album ‘IGOR’, his creative genius isn’t limited to creating music — his individuality and downright strange personality translate into a quirky sneaker collection with Converse, a brand that has also been forced to reinvent on multiple occasions.
Facing extreme circumstances during the company’s history — World War II, bankruptcy, multiple epidemics — Converse forced to shift its business model time and time again. Notably, adopting collaborations with pop culture figures to maintain relevance has helped fuel the company’s century-long success.
Hitting the market in 2017, the GOLF le FLEUR* sneaker collection allows wearers to embody the free-spirited, out-of-the-box fashion sense of their favorite artist while also inspiring them to highlight new aspects of themselves through their fashion sense.
Millions of teenagers quickly coveted the sneakers, and it’s no wonder why – nothing allows for self-discovery through fashion sense like a stylish sneaker designed by the prince of personas himself. And now, during dark and heavy times, they lacing up a pair can serve as a little lightness in the day.
While each of the collection’s designs stands out compared to the shoes that teens regularly wear sporting today, three of the artist’s one-of-a-kind designs clear stand above the others – the GOLF le FLEUR* Flames, the Airway Blues, and the One-Stars.


Photo Courtesy of: Converse

Converse x GOLF le FLEUR* Flames Chuck 70 (2018)

Arguably one of the most iconic and recognizable designs in the line, the GOLF le FLEUR* Flames are a bold and unmistakably Tyler-esque shoe that could spice up any outfit. These kicks carry on the flame motif seen in the artwork for the musician’s third studio album ‘Cherry Bomb’, and just as the album includes a variety of unconventional sounds, this shoe’s bold, unapologetically odd design draws the eye to it.

The flame pattern, complemented by the classic GOLF le FLEUR* print on the outsole, not only draws attention to the shoe’s wearer, but it allows for them to channel their wild side and possibly rejuvenate an otherwise dull outfit.


Photo Courtesy of: Converse

Converse One Star x GOLF le FLEUR* Suede (2017)

The Airway Blues, an exciting take on the classic Converse One Stars, are a more toned-down sneaker than the rest of the collection. Yet, they’re packed full of hidden surprises, most of which are pretty unnoticeable to the casual observer.
These design features are solely for the wearer — the quirky yet somewhat indiscreet stylistic choices of the shoe: the Golf logo on the outsole, the faint flower stitching around the classic Converse star, the placement of the Tyler trademark on the shoe, the Flower Boy-inspired insole, and embroidered bumble bee channel the imagery of the artist’s fourth studio album.
For those hesitant to take on an instantly eye-catching sneaker, the Airway Blues allow wearers to sport some ‘Flower Boy’ flair while sticking to a clean, outwardly simple suede shoe.


Photo Courtesy of: Converse

Converse x GOLF le FLEUR* One Star Suede Low Top (2017)

These two-tone suede sneakers embody a more daring design, but taking creative risks is nothing new to Tyler, the Creator. Imagination and creativity clearly took the reins in designing this shoe, and only those willing to highlight this sense of abnormality and individuality will choose to put on this pair of shoes over those that dominate the everyday fashion.

With a baby blue and pale pink exterior and Golf logo-patterned outsole, these shoes are eccentric at every angle, and they are the perfect choice for those looking to bring a sense of spunk to their outfit and overall impression.

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