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Hall of Fame caliber

Apr 8, 2022

With five years before his retirement as a teacher, Witzig has no plan of calling it quits as head varsity basketball coach at Community.
After 23 seasons, 468 wins, two State appearances, 10 Regional Championships, two Sectional and two Super-Sectional Championships, Coach Witzig is being inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.
But what does it mean to be a Hall of Fame coach?
According to the IBCA website, an inductee must have a great influence on the game of basketball, check.
“I mean, you know, 80 years from now no one’s gonna care about what my record was,” Witzig said. “But hopefully, I’ve impacted… those guys. They’ll then be good fathers, husbands.”

A coach must provide a strong voice for the State, promote better basketball…. Witzig checks these boxes too.
“Dedicated,” is how Mann describes Witzig.
Witzig is dedicated, Mann said, “to his craft”, to “his athletes”, to “forming great relationships with his kids”, to “the staff and the students here at Community.”

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