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Photo Courtesy of: Converse

Converse One Star x GOLF le FLEUR* Suede (2017)

Dec 12, 2020

The Airway Blues, an exciting take on the classic Converse One Stars, are a more toned-down sneaker than the rest of the collection. Yet, they’re packed full of hidden surprises, most of which are pretty unnoticeable to the casual observer.
These design features are solely for the wearer — the quirky yet somewhat indiscreet stylistic choices of the shoe: the Golf logo on the outsole, the faint flower stitching around the classic Converse star, the placement of the Tyler trademark on the shoe, the Flower Boy-inspired insole, and embroidered bumble bee channel the imagery of the artist’s fourth studio album.
For those hesitant to take on an instantly eye-catching sneaker, the Airway Blues allow wearers to sport some ‘Flower Boy’ flair while sticking to a clean, outwardly simple suede shoe.

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