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Natalie Hoeferle

On the way to Isla Mujeres, stop to admire the breathtaking underwater museum

Cultural excursions

Natalie Hoeferle
On the way to Isla Mujeres, stop to admire the breathtaking underwater museum.

Isla Mujeres (the Isle of Women; Cancun’s little jewel)

Isla Mujeres is an island located off the coast of Cancun. The name translates to The Isle of Women and is surrounded by deep blue wavy Caribbean waters and filled with Cancun culture. Tourists have the option of taking a ferry boat to the island or booking a catamaran cruise that takes the passengers on snorkeling excursion stops along the venture to the island. These snorkeling excursions offer a look into the sculptures built long ago, sitting at the bottom of the Caribbean. The island has become more touristy throughout the years, however, it still offers a look into the Mexican culture. The island’s coast offers snorkel spots, water sports (kayaking, jet skis, and more), swimming with dolphins, swimming with sharks, etc. To seek out the culture, you are able to rent golf carts, which is what most locals use as transportation. Renting a golf cart is a way to explore the depths of the island and travel through the inner parts of town. There you can find small shops, eateries, small stands, local dogs, and much more. The inner parts of town offer the cultural aspect of Cancun with their local shops and opportunities to indulge in the culture’s food. Traveling to the southern tip of the island, there is a lighthouse, old Mayan ruins, and a safe place for island turtles. If you are looking for a day to spend exploring the culture and the ocean, then I very much recommend exploring Isla Mujeres.

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