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Photo courtesy of Columbia Records/Go Moxie

Julia Brennan’s “Inner Demons”: Is the new artist worth your time?

Broken collarbone leads to artist’s big break

Keyairah Sinclair, Associate Editor

Who knew that breaking one's collarbone could be the ticket to fame? Hop on your nearest vintage motorcycle and squeeze the throttle. That’s what the 18 year-old singer/songwriter Julia Brennan did one day during the summer of 2016. Brennan used her recovery time following her surgery to get her previously written songs, one of which was "Inner Demons", out for the world to appreciate. Brenna...

“Inner Demons” helps spark inner hope

Brooklyn Shaw, Staff Reporter

We all have bad days. They’re inevitable. You can’t stop them, can't wish them away, can't close your eyes and pretend they don’t exist. And if you’re anything like me - sadness takes over your body and your depression kicks in and inhabits your entire being. Those bad days don’t ever seem to end. And if that’s not bad enough you listen to sad music to egg it on. You find the sadd...

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