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GAWVI’s “Closer” provides positive pop beats

“Closer”: perfect for late nights and summer drives

Elyse Schneider, Staff Reporter

Summer is right around the corner. If you are looking for a new catchy tune to jam out to in your car with the windows down, then “Closer” by GAWVI is a song you should check out. It is the perfect song for summer, with upbeat tones and electronic background music. “Closer” is the first single on GAWVI’s first ever album, We Belong, available on March 31 on iTunes and Spotify. GAWVI (G...

There’s a new “Closer” in town

Hayley Metz, Staff Reporter

When the Chainsmokers released their song “Closer” in the summer of 2016 it became an instant hit. Its popularity soared as the song spent 12 weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 100, making not only the tune but also the title become insanely recognizable. Soon, though, the Chainsmokers distinguished title could be overrun by an up-and-coming artist, GAWVI, who recently released his own s...

“Closer” closer to perfect

Ashleigh Brady, Managing Editor

Recording artist GAWVI just barely misses the mark of perfection with his single “Closer.” GAWVI, signed with Reach Records, has had an expansive career producing and recording both Christian and secular hip hop songs, but with his new album We Belong, he has branched out to electronic pop, citing his desire “to be more experimental.” The star song of the album is a little gem called “Closer...

“Closer”: an alternative to tradition

Mia Chewe, Staff Reporter

The perfect alternative for young Christians who are tired of the mainstream Christian gospels, they same ones they hear in church every Sunday, has just surfaced. The new single, "Closer" by GAWVI, gives off a feel-good, beach-side vibe that makes the listener want to open up the windows and watch the sunset. Although it is supposed to be an uplifting song about God, it has the beat and tune of a...

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