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An Ironmen-tality

Apr 8, 2022

Then, something clicked.
Community overcame the double-digit deficit, defeating U-High 42-38. Mr. Matthew Schweinberg, who was a senior then, playing combo guard on Witzig’s 2000-01 squad, credited the team’s character in the comeback win.
“The team’s…character reflects the leadership of the team,” Schweinberg said.
After the victory over U-High, the team compiled a 17-10 record, losing back-to-back games just once on the season.
Schweinberg has long since traded his place in the Ironmen’s starting lineup for a spot on the bench — as an assistant under Witzig.
Under Witzig, Schweinberg said, teams “just never give up…whether we’re up 17 nothing or down 17 nothing.”
Witzig teaches players to “just keep going,” “to do the next right thing. Make the next right play.”
The Ironmen mentality, Schweinberg said, “is just… never give up.”
Mr. Marcus Mann, then a junior, was a point guard on the ‘00-01 roster when the team carried a four-game win streak, matching the Iron’s total wins in Witzig’s first season.
“One of the great things about Witzig’s program,” Mann said, “is, no matter what the game dictates, there’s always an extra play. There’s always an organization to the way that you play.”

Witzig’s second season as head coach proved more successful than the year prior, with the Iron winning four times as many games than the 1999-2000 season. On Witzig’s roster in 2000-2001 were future Ironmen faculty members Mr. Matt Schweinberg and Mr. Marcus Mann (pictured far right). (Photo Courtesy of: Reverie Yearbook)

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