Tips to stay focused for the rest of the school year


Summer is almost here!  As the students of NCHS count down the days until freedom and fun, a lot of you lose your motivation for anything school related.  School is an extremely hard thing to focus on when sleeping in and sun tanning are the only things in mind.  These three tips to stay attentive in the classroom are essential to pay attention to for the remaining days of school.

1.) Keep organized.  Being a prepared student makes schoolwork and learning much easier.  If you cannot even find your class notes from yesterday, then you probably will not bother looking for them.  Ever.  By already being organized before class, you will have a more successful time concentrating because you have fewer items to worry about, which leads to less tension.  If you are already stressing over your last assignments of the year, take a moment to gather all of your work and make it clearly available.  If your guided notes and pencil case are in an easily accessible place, you will be more likely to take some time to study.

2.) Ask questions.  If you honestly do not understand something, ask about it.  Physically asking questions will engage your mind and will help you in the near future with your next test or quiz.  Being involved will make class go by faster and it won’t seem as boring.

3.) Countdown!  Although twenty days may seem like a lot, it really isn’t much at all.  Thinking about the amount of days that you have left in class may actually help in the long run.  Let that be your motivation.  Saying to yourself that you only have however many days left will allow you to remember that you have already been here for nine months, and a few more weeks will not hurt you.


Good luck with the last weeks of class!  Summer will be here before you know it.