The NBA is heating up

Nick Tomaski, Sports Desk

March 18, 2013

Good news for all you NBA fans: basketball season is about to get interesting. The season is at that point where no team is going to be able to jump four spots in the standings. That being said, there isn’t a shortage of major storylines by any means. Players like Chris Paul and Kevin Durant have to make their final cases for the MVP (even if it may be next to impossible to catch King James). The Lakers have caught fire as of late with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash playing like they are 25 again. Who can challenge the Heat and is anyone capable of stopping LeBron and...

Older brother Trevor shoots the ball at a regional game vs. Danville

Ironmen outscore Danville in round one of playoffs

February 27, 2013

The Ironmen (24-6) added an addition to their current 20 game-winning streak by beating the Danville Vikings, 63-40 in runaway victory for the unstoppable Ironmen This win will put the Iron in the final regional round against our crosstown rival Normal West. The Ironmen came in as the one seed in their conference and ninth in class 4A as Danville came...

Should concussions be taken more seriously?

Nick Tomaski, Sports Desk

February 12, 2013

In the midst of the 20th century, a new, revolutionary sport called football is opening up as an exciting and crowd-pleasing game. Ever since football’s creation, players have been suffering from severe head injuries called concussions, which are traumatic brain injuries that are caused by a blow to the head or body, a fall, or another injury that shakes the brain inside the skull. Back during the birth of the NFL, it was optional to wear helmets when competing and considered “manly” not to wear one. Wearing any type of headgear was laughed at and criticized...

Student Council Fundraiser

February 8, 2013

Next Saturday night, NCHS has the opportunity to be the first high school in our area to have Cherry Berry, a new self-serve yogurt bar in town, cater our school's Sadie Hawkins dance. In order to make this happen, the NCHS student council is hosting a Cherry Berry fundraising night on February 12th from 4-close. Cherry Berry will donate 10% of all sales to our dance yogurt fund. Please consider enjoying a tasty treat next Tuesday night, February 12th, to support NCHS. Proceeds will go towards cups of frozen yogurt and a complete toppings buffet at the Sadie Hawkins d...

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