Safety precautions must be taking for upcoming National Bike 2 School Day

Kellan Marvin, Opinion

May 7, 2013

The success from last year’s National Bike 2 School Day resulted in an extension of the Constitution Trail down Airport Road and onto Raab Road. The weather has been less permitting this year, and bikers are just now getting back on the trail. While gathering as many people to participate in National Bike 2 School Day as last year presents itself to be a challenge, Bike 2 School club plans to round up even more cyclists. National Bike 2 School will be held on Wednesday, May 8, followed by a ribbon cutting on the trail with the mayor. Speeches from Bike 2 School leaders...

Mr. Robinson leads his 8th hour sociology class in a discussion about whether or not originality exists in modern times.

New teacher Mr. Robinson goes above and beyond

March 13, 2013

Each year, NCHS hires several teachers who bring new aspects to the school. This year, one teacher has specifically stood out as a hard working club sponsor, coach, and friend. Social studies teacher Mr. Stefen Robinson is a first year teacher here at Normal, and has already taken on such tasks as the DIY club, Mock Trial, and Sociology Club. He has...

Flipping the Classroom: a revolutionary way to learn

Kellan Marvin, Opinion

March 5, 2013

As teachers desperately try to reach this generation of millennials (kids born between the year 1980 and 2000), many are turning to the technology we cling to so tightly. The new craze of “flipping the classroom” is growing popularity among teachers nationwide and uses technology to literally flip the typical structure of education. Flip the Classroom is a national movement to use video blogs (or “vlogs”) to present students with lectures and notes at home, and instead, they tackle book work and other review problems together in class. The most practical subjects ...

Students feel intimidated by the hateful terms used within the building.

Students are too old to use hateful terms

March 1, 2013

I know from personal experience that anyone who had Mrs. Venerable in sixth grade received a long lecture on our first day of junior high about the problem with the phrases “that’s retarded” and “that’s gay.” Even when we were 11 years old, we understood the offensiveness of these terms. However, it seems that once we hit 15, we’re...

Students taking advantage of IMC

Kellan Marvin, Opinion

February 25, 2013

During lunch hours, there are two types of students: those who socialize and those who don’t. For those who choose not to catch up with friends in the cafeteria, it is a constant battle to find a quiet space to study, read, or just sit and clear their mind for a bit. This year, our school has graciously given us the ASC, offering a place to study and even teacher resources to help us when we are lost. However, this atmosphere is not as quiet and peaceful as some students would like. The next best option then is the IMC. Even though there is usually a class working...

4-year PE requirement sacrificing academic classes

Kellan Marvin, Opinion

February 4, 2013

Most students at NCHS have two breaks during their school day: lunch and PE. These are the only two hours that students are not expected to sit quietly in a classroom, and are given the chance to get up and stretch their legs for a bit. For some, running laps and lifting weights is a good stress relief during their day. However, the mandatory four-year physical education [PE] requirement is causing students to fall behind on their credit necessities for college applications. First and foremost, we come to school for academics, not for personal training. While fighting childhood obesity is a growing concern in t...

Honors and AP better options when selecting courses

Kellan Marvin, Opinion

January 26, 2013

While students choose next year’s classes, they often have to question whether they are willing to risk a lower grade in an honors or Advanced Placement [AP] class, or take on an easier schedule that ensures higher grades. Students are taught that colleges look for a high GPA and a good transcript, but many universities are more likely to accept students who have taken honors or AP classes. This leaves students between a rock and a hard place. Many students prefer to take standard classes to maintain A’s or B’s because it looks nicer on a transcript. Others unde...

Les Mis stuns audiences despite poor singing

Kellan Marvin, Opinion

January 14, 2013

While most people woke up early on Christmas morning to open presents and spend time with family, I was up getting ready for the noon premiere of the musical Les Misérables. I have had a strong connection with this musical, and it was the first professional production I saw. When I found out last summer that the world renown depiction of the French revolution was coming to the silver screen, my excitement could hardly be contained. Les Misérables consists of powerful ballad after ballad, and a mixture of history, action, faith, civil law, and romance. There is something...

NCHS alumnus does not speak for all AP students

NCHS alumnus does not speak for all AP students

December 18, 2012

“On the AP Test” seems to be the class mantra of most Advanced Placement classes at Normal Community High School. Many students feel as though the pressure to get a five on the test overwhelms the need to apply the knowledge presented in the course. This idea has recently been brought to national attention by NCHS alumnus Ankur Singh('12) in his...

Trump posts irate tweets about election outcome

Internet possibly detrimental to teen politics

December 4, 2012

   After the 2012 presidential debate, more students are left with strained friendships than a better understanding of politics. While more and more peers become politically involved (or rather attempt to become involved), tempers flare frequently in school, but more frequently online. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American L...

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