Top 9 Restaurants of Blo/No

Katie Leins, Staff Reporter

August 20, 2014

1. Olive Garden Upon hearing its name, one immediately thinks of their warm breadsticks that taste magnificent plain or paired with one of their Italian style soups. The portion sizes are rather large which is perfect for eating your favorite meal twice, one for dinner and one for lunch the next day. 2. Kobe You can never be dissatisfied here because leading up to the delicious Japanese food that you'll receive, an intriguing show is put on by the Chef's as they cook. They make the entire restaurant experience very enjoyable the entire time. 3. Jason's d...

Mission work in the Dominican Republic

Katie Leins, Staff Reporter

April 8, 2014

Over spring break a group of high school students who are members of the Eastview Church program One, traveled to the Dominican Republic. They left on Friday, 21st and didn't arrive home until Sunday, 30th. They spent the entire week helping others in various different ways. Keegan Majers(11), one of the high school students who attended the trip, gives us some insight into their little over a week long adventure.   Q: Where did you travel to? A: Santiago, Dominican Republic   Q: How long did it take to get there? A: We took a bus to New York since t...

Halloween presentation lights students on fire

Katie Leins and Tommy Lebow

December 3, 2013

Halloween presentations were conducted during class time on Friday, November 1st by the chemistry teachers to showcase different chemical reactions in order for students to have a fun day of learning. 15 years ago the chemistry teachers conducted the first Halloween presentation at Normal Community High School. Since then, the event has grown in popularity and scale. This year’s demo included reactions that caused pumpkins to explode, a bottle’s rubber stopper to puncture yet another hole in Mr. Jeff Christopherson’s ceiling and a reaction that allowed for studen...

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