Unit 5's over-population issue

Unit 5’s over-population issue

March 16, 2017

A monotone bell rings, echoing across the empty halls. Suddenly, doors fling open, and the decibel level rises as students pour from every door. Yells between students rise like fog over a bay in the morning, each one trying to overpower the other. They pierce the madness like a foghorn, telling of how badly someone failed a test, or how much PE sucked t...

NCHS Colorguard falls short at West Invitational

Sam Scheltens, Staff Reporter

October 6, 2016

The NCHS Colorguard didn’t place as well as they had hoped at the Normal West Invitational on September 24. After the guard was awarded with ‘Best Auxiliary’, for an outstanding performance by a color guard,  and achieved Grand Champion in all classes, in Class 3A in Morton on September 17, they had high hopes. But September 24, at Normal West, the color guard was unable to repeat their success.   “They just didn’t have their best run tonight,” said band director Mr. Lance Meadows, referring to the September 24 performance. “We were tired, and we...

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